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We are the Mosquito Professional Experts to call in Wisconsin.  Our primary focus is on Mosquito and Tick Control. This allows us to stay on top of new developments and techniques to ensure we are always on the top of our game giving you a bug free summer backyard to enjoy all summer long. 

Mosquito & Tick Programs


Are mosquitoes making it impossible to enjoy your outdoor spaces? Perhaps you are planning an outdoor event? There is a solution. Our unique blend of products kill Mosquitoes on contact and destroy their eggs.  Let us help you take back your yard. MINUS the Mosquitoes! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Kid Safe, Pet Safe


All of our Mosquito Control and Tick Control treatments are safe to use around your most precious family members and loved ones worry free.

100% Organic Option


We are proud to offer our completely organic proprietary blend Mosquito control option for families who seek an alternative to our standard application. Our product is designed to kill and repel Mosquitoes, Gnats, and Ticks.

Benefits of using Mosquito Minus of Wisconsin

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