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    Mosquito and Tick Experts

We are a family owned business born and raised in Wisconsin. We know, first hand, the importance of quality outdoor family time in the summer months. We also understand the safety of your family and pets. Our Mission is to provide quality Mosquito Control at an affordable rate. We strive to make our clients feel like friends, not a number.
Shane Coach
General Manager
"The Mosquito Coach"

Family time in the outdoors of Wisconsin is one of the most important things to our family. A few years back, we got tired of fighting the Mosquitoes in our yard when trying to enjoy our evening meal in our backyard.  We decided to add an enclosed porch to our home to be able to enjoy summer nights, but were still unable to enjoy our pool and yard to its fullest capacity.


Bryan approched me with the Mosquito Minus product and offered to treat my yard before our pool party and 4th of July party. Skeptically, I watched him treat my yard. To my amazement, the parties went late into the night without the use of any bug spray or any other mosquito repellant.


Unbelieveable memories with my family and the ability to enjoy the outdoors is why I joined Bryan in his pursuit to bring outdoor fun to all families in Wisconsin. 




“We're the experts in Mosquito elimination in Wisconsin. We look forward to meeting you and helping you develop the perfect Mosquito Control Solution for your home. So what are you waiting for, "Take Back Your Yard Today"!

The Wisconsin Mosquito Control Family

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