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How do we do it?

Mosquito Minus of Wisconsin uses the best mosquito elimination techniques.

We are so confident in our Mosquito Control Services that we give every customer a, “satisfaction guarantee”. This means that if you are not happy with our treatment for any reason, we will  re-spray at no additional charge to you!  So call today and live Mosquito Free!

Let Mosquito Minus of Wisconsin protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of Mosquitoes by applying a barrier of protection around your entire yard.


Our Barrier Spray Program ensures that you will Minus the number of MOSQUITOES in your outdoor environment for continued enjoyment and safety.


We will visit your outdoor area regularly and apply a treatment to the designated areas. Our unique spray formula and misting solution kills mosquitoes and their eggs for weeks and leaves no lingering odor or chemical residue.


When you Take Back Your Yard with Mosquito Minus of Wisconsin, our 100% State of Wisconsin certified trained technician will treat your outdoor space with an effective barrier spray that eliminates those pesky insects for 21 days. We use a backpack sprayer that ensures no habitat will go untreated. We will target trees, shrubs, and plants with our barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact and bonds to the foliage where mosquitoes try and enter your yard. This coverage will act as a repellent for the next few weeks. Twenty to thirty minutes after the barrier spray is completed you will be able to enjoy your yard that is pet safe and kid safe.


You can schedule, at your convenience, our mosquito control services. As long as your yard is accessible our technicians will quickly treat your space. After the treatment is completed, we will send you a confirmation via text or email to give you the all clear to enjoy your yard Mosquito free.

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